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    https://files4.ecfiles.com/17826/slideshows/homeLarge/IMG_3232.JPG Pics With St Nick St Nicholas takes a picture with the newly baptized and his family.
    https://files3.ecfiles.com/17826/slideshows/homeLarge/SDC11481.JPG Chili Cookoff 2018
    https://files1.ecfiles.com/17826/slideshows/homeLarge/SDC11578.JPG Blessing of the Motorcycles
    https://files3.ecfiles.com/17826/slideshows/homeLarge/sjda.JPG St Joseph Altar Tuesday March 19 -- Mass at 10AM -- Viewing of Altar After Mass followed by food distribution in the Gym.
    https://files4.ecfiles.com/17826/slideshows/homeLarge/Celibacy.jpg Celibacy The Pastor's Cat
    https://files4.ecfiles.com/17826/slideshows/homeLarge/sja.JPG Serving Line At the First Annual St Joseph Gala
    https://files4.ecfiles.com/17826/slideshows/homeLarge/3pastors.jpg The Three Last Pastors at St Joseph Fr. Carabello, Fr. Day, and Fr. Gary Copping (current pastor)
    https://files3.ecfiles.com/17826/slideshows/homeLarge/Trinity%203.jpg Trinity: The Parish Cat Come to Mass and Meet Trinity